Thousands of people benefit every day from your support of our clean water, access to healthcare, and youth development programs in Nicaragua.

You choose to care about the less fortunate and you make a difference in their lives every time you share their story and make a donation. We all do..and together we not only can reach our fundraising goal but also bring more friends, family, and colleagues together around helping others.

$30,000 provides medical consultations for over 3,000 people a year, including home-bound special needs patients. 95% are women and children. Let's give year-round health care access to every resident - it only costs $10/person or $50/family to do so. 

Youth Sports:
Each year we involve 500+ kids in organized sports through leagues, tournaments, and workshops. Raising $15,000 this holiday season ensures it's "game on" for these young athletes in 2019. 

Community Impact:
Help us raise $25,000 to reach 125 families (approx. 625 people) in 2019 that are living in dire circumstances and are need of basic living conditions like a concrete floor, strong walls, and a metal roof. Projects cost an average of $200 each. 


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